Eye Exams

Looking after your eyesight is our main purpose. We are committed to providing the highest standards of professional eyecare with quality lenses and frames.

The value of regular eye tests cannot be underestimated. They are an important check to make sure your glasses are up to date and are an important health check. Hidden eye conditions such as Glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration can be detected.

Child on mother's lap having eye examAnnual eye tests are recomended for children and adults over 70. Research shows that one in five children have an undetected vision problem.

Guide Dogs for the Blind reported that nearly 90 % of people fear losing their eyesight more than any other senses. Their advice is that everyone should have regular eye tests,regardless of whether or not they wear glasses.

Eye ExaminationRegular eye tests are essential. We would also like to take a picture & OCT(type of ultrasound)scan of the retina as part of this examination.This more detailed(hospital grade) examination incurs a small additional charge.We will show you these results and explain the findings.

Which? consumer organistaion recently revealed that independent practices are rated as top opticians by the public. The survey of 5409 which? members measured customer service,product choice and quality. We are an independent practice owned and run in Acomb for 21 years by David Dowley.

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Recently had to change optician as my usual one was bought out by Vision Express. I used David Dowley in Acomb and was pleased to be treated with good old fashioned regard and attention. The eye care was flawless in my opinion, and all information that I needed, was presented in an un-rushed manner with due consideration. I give this top marks for my experience of an optician.

Claire, NHS Website


I moved to this optician and felt I’d been offered the best of care and attention. Courteous service, comfortable surroundings, and always feeling like I’d been attended to you by a highly experienced professional who spent time explaining, and had answers to all questions. Large chains of opticians work in a different way.

NHS Website


Very friendly and helpful staff, and took time to make sure i selected glasses that fitted rather than any old pair will do situation. Top Marks indeed.

NHS Website


 A routine eye test with David at Eyecare Opticians led to a hospital referral, detection and successful treatment of a brain tumour(meningioma)

A. Fentiman